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Gemma Deerfield: Actress, Writer, Producer


check here to see what my latest projects are:


Currently searching for a PRODUCER with track record for the feature length thriller; TRAUMA for Insatiable Productions.

Our story revolves around Dean, Abigail and Sian; set in modern day London.


Dean and Abi have been together nearly 2 years. Dean has started physically and mentally battering her into submission. Abi having once been a strong independent woman is now fighting her own demons, trying to understand how she let things get this far and why their relationship deteriorated so much. Dean soon embarks on a lust filled affair with Sian; the beautiful, young and fearless girl not looking to be tied down. When Dean shows Sian his true colours with a shockingly brutal act suddenly everything changes as Sian realises she has no control over this situation. The girls need to regain some self respect, but how far will they go?


Relationships aren’t easy – they’re a trauma
For opportunites to invest in the future of Insatiable Productions please email
Script & Business Plan available now; shooting planned for Autumn 2010 at the historical Elstree Studios.

Just accepted the role of Emma King in the feature "Rise of The Kingdom" which is due to be shot next summer. The lead role goes to the one and only Howard Marks (Mr. Nice!) and I will be playing his daughter. This is the sequel to the Richard Harris film "My Kingdom" which will also star the survivor of the original; Jack Marsden reprising his role as Billy the Whizz. This is a very exciting project and I'm thrilled to be part of it.
I have also accepted a supporting role in Deborah Hadfield's debut feature "The Kindness of Strangers". This film will premiere in Cannes next year and I will be in attandace. I simply can't wait, this film will be so beautiful and the cast are wonderful.
The reviews are rolling in for my first feature film, Jesus Versus The Messiah.  To keep upto date with screening and release dates go to:

Jesus Versus The Massiah: The Official Website:


Just finished filming Mystery Files for the National Geographic Channel playing the herione Joan of Arc in Bangor.
I am thrilled to say I have been invited back to the Mystery Files shoot to play Cleopatra for another episode, filming in July 2009. Directed by Ben Mole.
Have also accepted the role of JC (lead) in the Feature Film DAMEN HAUS for FilmTheatre, directed by Frank Scantori. Filming due to start later this year.
This summer I will also be filming THE SISTERS (Short film) written by and starring myself; co starring Rosie Mcpherson and Sue Warhurst. Directed by Chris Matic.

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Gemma Deerfield